Soni plateau


According to the calendar, today is the first day of autumn in Japan.

This photo is Soni plateau which is located in the north east of Nara prefecture.

In spring they scorch the mountainsides to prepare for the next growing season. 

In summer the landscape becomes green.

In autumn it is famous for Japanese pampas grass, whose ears bathe in the sun and shine in gold and silver.

They say it is beautiful.

When I went there, it wasn’t sunny, but I enjoyed it anyway. 

I want to go there again and see the beautiful scenery.

50th day


Today is the 50th day since I started this blog.

I am glad that people from other countries see this. 

Thank you very much to people who pushed the like button.  

And I am happy to see many different countries people’s blogs. 

Though I don’t know how much longer I can continue this blog, I aim for 100 days, for now.

By the way, this photo is the seaside in front of my apartment here in Fukuoka. 

I took this during a walk yesterday evening.



This is called “Takoyaki”.

It’s base is flour and there is octopus inside.

Tako means octopus.

Takoyaki’s birthplace is Osaka and there are many Takoyaki shops in the Kansai area.

This one is from Takotora, located in Sakyoku Kyoto.

It is crispy on the outside, and the octopus inside is big.

It is very good.

There are also people do Takoyaki parties at home using Takoyaki grills for domestic use. 

I like Takoyaki.

Pro baseball


Pro baseball is popular in Japan.

There are 2 divisions: central league and pacific league, and both have 6 teams each.

The Softbank Hawks is Fukuoka’s team.

They clinched as the 2015 winner of  the pacific league.

So there are celebration sales at many places in Fukuoka.

There is a big dome here, named Yafuoku Dome, where the Hawks games are held. 

During 7th inning stretch people supporting the home team fly balloons like in this photo.

After moving here, I have gone to two baseball games. 

It is fun to do. 

Dish I made


I made a dish using the recipe from a person who liked my blog.

Though I had only thin eggplants, 

I grilled them.

And I put avocado dip from the recipe, chickpeas and tomatoes on it.

It was delicious.

Another dish I made is a sauté of Chinese water spinach, square beans and sausages.

I am trying to use organic vegetables.

Yellowtail wines are a good seller in Japan because they are reasonably priced and good.

This is sangria I found at the store recently.

It is pretty good.

Silver Pavillon


There are the Gold Pavillon (Kinkaku-Ji) and the Silver Pavillon (Ginkaki-Ji) in Kyoto.

This is in front of the Silver Pavillon.

It is located in the Sakyo district. 

Actually, the Gold Pavillon is really gold in color, but the Silver one is not.

However, the Silver Pavillon has a good taste of Wabi Sabi, or rustic beauty. 

Anyway both are famous places where sightseers like to visit.

As you can see, many people wear Yukata during summer.

The approach


This photo is of the approach to the Silver Pavillion.    

It is a little up hill but there are no cars. 

There are many souvenir shops and cafes.

This is one of the shops.

Many kinds of cute things are made by Japanese style crepe cloth.

The letters ” Okoshiyasu (おこしやす)” which are written front of a rabbit doll mean ‘welcome’ in Kyoto direct.

When I visited there, there were many students on a school trip.

There is a road called ” The Philosophers Path” nearby.

It is very pretty with cherry blossoms in Spring around here.