The day before yesterday I made “Yakiimo.”

Yakiimo is baked sweet potatoes.

In Japan there are over 20 kinds of sweet potatoes.

This one is Beniharuka which is very sweet and it is good for yakiimo.

I baked these using a oven for 90 min. at 160 ℉.

Nowadays it has became rare, but ishiyakiimo (sweet potatoes roasted on hot pebbles) used to be sold by street vendor’s stalls. 

And one of the typical Japanese winter scenes is people baking sweet potatoes in gathered fallen leaves.

Anyway yakiimo is delicious.

3 thoughts on “Yakiimo”

  1. Hey :) Thats so interesting!! In Switzerland we barely know 2 kinds of sweet potatoes – the orange and purple ones! 20 kinds of sweet potatoes ! YUM! xoxo Katie

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  2. very nice , they are sweet , not sure about the varieties , but when we were old , lack of modern technologies , our forefathers , etc etc used to eat in charcoal ovens or the best bet was to cook with rice when it’s been cooked .

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