Sazae san street


“Sazae san street” is in Sawara-ku Fukuoka.

“Sazae san” is a well known manga in Japan.

There are 45 comic books in the series. 

The TV show started in 1969, and is popular to this day. 

The characters names in the Sazae family are taken from things related to the sea, like Sazae (turben shell), Katsuo (bonito), Wakame (sea weed), Masuo (trout), Tara (cod), Fune (boat) and Namihei (waves).

Machiko Hasegawa, who is the author of the manga, used to live in Fukuoka.

And here in Momochi beach she got the idea of ocean-related names and decided on them.

This photo shows the old-style Sazae san manga. 

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