Ohara and Yase


The Ohara and Yase areas are beautiful with autumn colors.

They are located in northeast Kyoto. 

Sanzenin and Jakkoin are famous temples located there. 

This photo is of autumn colors in Shorinji temple near Sanzenin.

When I went there, it was so beautiful.

At Yase, I recommend Rurikoin temple.

It is only open to the public twice a year.

The colors there are especially varied. 

Nanzenji temple


Nanzenji temple is in Sakyoku Kyoto, as is Eikando temple.

And it is also good for autamn colors. 

It is a Zen sect temple with many sub temples and it has big grounds of about 1500000 ha.

An aqueduct from the Lake Biwa Canal passes by the front gate of the temple.

It is Europian style and feels retro like in this photo.

It is often used as a TV location.

Some places you have to pay, but the grounds are free to enjoy the autumn trees.