Unagi no Seiromushi


When you say “Unagi (eel)”,
Unajyu or Unadon are typical dishes. 

But in Yanagawa, Seiromushi is the norm and the local cuisine.

Motoyoshiya invented this way to make it about 400 years ago.

Now many Unagi restaurants using their own secret sauce can be found there.

Seiromushi combines a split and broiled eel with seasoned rice and shredded egg in a box which is then steamed and served hot. 

It was good, but I prefer Unajyu…

Next time I want to try it at Motoyoshiya.

Yanagawa boat ride


The other day I went to Yanagawa.

It is about 50 min. by Nishitetsu train from Tenjin Fukuoka.

I went downstream on a boat tour there.

There are 5 boat companies in Yanagawa. 

The one I used was Yanagawa Kankou Kaihatsu, which has been operating since 1960.

You can enjoy the boat ride for about 1 hour. 
The boat goes under 13 bridges.

A boatman sings Hakusyu Kitahara’s folk songs.

He is a famous poet and children’s songwriter who used to live in Yanagawa.

Yanagawa is a laid back town and the boat cruise is fun.

Craft beer


These are Japanese craft beers. 

I bought the red one, because the picture of cranes was beautiful. 

It is from Echigo Beer company, which is Japan’s first micro-brewery, in Niigata prefecture. 

It was good. 

The blue one’s name is “Indo no Aooni (Indian blue demon) “. 

It is made by yahoo brewing in Nagano prefecture.

It is Indian pale ale and has a high alcohol percentage (7%).

It is for people who like beer because it is bitter and rich.

My husband likes this beer.