Last year I went to Ibusuki in Kagoshima prefecture.

This is rape blossoms.

The lake is Ikedako which is the biggest lake in Kyusyu.

The mountain is Kaimondake which is called Satsuma Fuji.

Ibusuki is famous for Sunamushi onsen.

It is a hot sand bath onsen.

You lay down on the sand with a cloth like yukata and they cover you with hot sand.

It feels hot and good.


2 thoughts on “Ibusuki”

  1. What a beautiful photo !! The rapeseed is what canola oil is made from…. How is the family? Did Andy play in a disc golf tournament?
    Or were you just visiting…? Are you guys coming out here in February ?


    1. Hi Jeff.
      Recently I bought a good canola oil.
      I am trying to use good ingredients these days.
      Andy played a disc golf tournament in Kagoshima in the snow. lol
      In February he is going to Thailand to play in a tournament and visit Keigo.
      Come to eat oysters!


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