This mountain is Sakurajima.

It is a symbol of Kagoshima prefecture.

It is an active volcano which was born 26000 ago and has had 17 big eruptions. 

Even now it is repeating small eruptions.

 The view in this photo is from the observation deck at Terayama park.

Today it isn’t good weather, so I’m using a photo from last year.

Disc Golf


Do you know Disc Golf?

It is booming in America and some countries in Northern Europe.

My husband’s hobby is Disc Golf.

They hold tournaments in Japan, too.

On this weekend it’s tournament is at Kagoshima.

So now I am in Kagoshima. 

The volcano, Sakurajima, is rigned in snow. 

I will write some more about Kagoshima.

Koso Genmai


This is “Koso Genmai”.

It is fermented brown rice.

I use a special pressure cooker which has a pot inside.

I put azuki beans, salt and water with brown rice.

After it is cooked, it has to be kept in a warmer.

Just cooked rice tastes good, but it is better to eat it after about 4 days of fermentation. 

It doesn’t go bad. 

What I like about it except health, is that I don’t need make rice everyday. lol

In Japan usually people eat rice everyday–especially if they don’t eat bread or any kind of noodles.

Manga Museum


The Kyoto international manga museum is located in downtown Kyoto.

The building is used to be an elementary school.

10% of visitors are foreigners.

There are about 50000 manga on the wall and you can read any of them.

And there are about 5600 manga which are translated into other languages.

They hold special events and workshops, too.

This is an object based on Osama Tezuka’s Fire Bird.



This is Mamemasa’s “Goshiki-mame”.

It is roasted beans of five different colors covered with a sugar coating.

It has existed since 1887.

And it is an auspicious confection which was presented to the Taisho Emperor. 

It is made up of 5 colors of red, yellow,white, green and brown.

The fresh sweetness of high quality sugar is good.

It is a well known Kyoto confection.

 For me it is a very nostalgic taste.

Ichijyoji Sagarimatsu 


This place is “Ichijyoji Sagarimatsu” in Kyoto.

This pine tree was a landmark for travelers who came to Kyo( Kyoto) from Omi (Shiga) since the Heian era over a thousand years ago. 

This one is 4th generation. 

Also it is told that Musashi Miyamoto had a swordfight with theYoshioka clan here in the early Edo era.

Musashi Miyamoto was a famous swordsmen who used two swords at once.