Ichiran ramen


The other day I went to eat Ichiran ramen.

It was established in 1960 and started as Ichiran in 1993 from Fukuoka.

The soup is madewith pork bones ( Tonkotsu).

You can chose the depth of taste, amount of oil, amount of garlic, white or green onion, and noodle firmness.

The most interesting thing about Ichiran ramen is that they have cubicles for each customer to eat in private.

There are about 50 shops in Fukuoka and the rest of Japan.

Ume monaka


I wanted to show pretty Japanese unbaked sweets, so I was looking for them in Fukuoka.

I couldn’t find a good one.

But I found a cute monaka (bean-jam-filled wafers).

This one is Ume (plum) Monaka by Gotou.

It was good.

Sometime when I find a pretty unbaked sweet, I will post it.

Canal City Hakata


Here is Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka.

It is a big shopping mall.

There are two hotels here: the Grand Hyatt and the Fukuoka Washington hotel.

And there are a theater and a cinema.

They say that Uniqlo is the biggest store in the Kyusyu area.

Jon Jerde, who was an American architect, designed Canal City Hakata.

It is a modern building.



One of famous things in Fukuka is Yatai.

It is Street Stalls.

I heard there are about 150 Yatai there.

There are popular and have prospered with both local people and tourists. 

Because you sit on benches shared with others, it’s easy to meet new people there. 

You can eat many kinds of food.
If you come to Fukuoka, it is nice to try Yatai.

This photo was taken by my friend Makoccyan.



This is Shinkansen: the bullet train.

Usually I use a LCC airplane from Osaka to Fukuoka, but this time I took the Shinkansen.

The Tokaido Shinkansen started in1964.

It ran between Tokyo and Osaka.

Since then it has spread through Japan, and next month (March 2016) the Hokkaido Shinkansen will start.

It is a little expensive to ride.

But if you live outside Japan, you can get a cheap rail pass.