Ichiran ramen


The other day I went to eat Ichiran ramen.

It was established in 1960 and started as Ichiran in 1993 from Fukuoka.

The soup is madewith pork bones ( Tonkotsu).

You can chose the depth of taste, amount of oil, amount of garlic, white or green onion, and noodle firmness.

The most interesting thing about Ichiran ramen is that they have cubicles for each customer to eat in private.

There are about 50 shops in Fukuoka and the rest of Japan.


6 thoughts on “Ichiran ramen”

  1. I also ate at Ichiran at Shibuya! Since this place is popular with people going solo because of the cubicles it’s easy to talk to someone and make friends, especially when waiting in line to get in!


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