This Kaisen-don (assorted raw fish on rice) is from Shimanokaisendonya.

The shop is inside Shimanoshiki which is a local produce market in Itoshima.

When I first moved to Fukuoka, I was surprised Kaisen-don here is often not colorful. 

It because they use local fish.

And it is just caught so it is fresh and good.

And often people in Fukuoka use sesame soy sauce.

The miso soup at this restaurant, which contains the bony part of a fish, is also good.



This Kaisen-don (assorted raw fish on rice) is from Okiyo.

It is located in the fresh fish market at the pier in Fukuoka city. 

It is fresh and very delicious. 

They also have many other types of dishes.

Those are good, too.

It is open from 6 o’clock in the morning for people who work nearby. 

On the wall there are many famous people’s signatures.

The other day I ate fried oysters: they were juicy and delicious. 



There is a sport which is called Sumo in Japan.

Two sumo wrestlers fight in a ring about five meters in diameter.

They fight one match per day for 15 days.

There are 6 tournaments each year.

Sumo wrestlers are separated into ranks: the top rank is Yokozuna.

Nowadays there are many foreign sumo wrestlers, including many from Mongolia.

My daughter won 4 free sumo tickets at a shopping mall, so the other day she went to see the sumo tournament.