Dontaku festival

Dontaku festival is one of the big festivals in Fukuoka.

This year (2016) is the 55th time. 

It was started as Hakata Matsubayashi in 1979.

Three Gods of Fortune and Chigo (child of festivity) go around the city celebrating. 

There was a period when the festival wasn’t held because of the war.

Now, the festival name is ‘ Hakata Dontaku ‘, which is based on Zondag in the Netherlands, which is held May 3 and 4 every year.

Many kinds of groups, like companies, schools, neighborhood associations, and shopping districts, parade on the street together. 

And many stages are held all over Fukuoka city.

This years slogan is ” with Kyushu for the restoration of Kumamoto and Oita”.


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