Tix Pics

You can see these pictures at the Kansai Airport station of the Nankai train.

There are four pictures.

All are from famous pictures of ”The Gleaners”, “The Mona Lisa”, “The Birth of Venus” and “Moulin de la galette”.

Those are made up of 320000 used train tickets which were collected at Namba station, and posted by manual labor.

That was the best part of this exhibit.  

Tea picking

I was born and grew up in Uji, Kyoto prefecture, which is famous for tea.

When I was a child, tea trees were all over my house.

Now is the season for tea picking.

‘First tea’ is from end of April to the end of May.

‘Second tea’ is around June and July.

I drew this picture, which is the scene of tea picking.

Uji cha (tea called Ocha) is very good.

Golden Week

In Japan it is the Golden Week now.

It is the time in which holidays are gathered at end of April and the beginning of March.

Many people go on trips using this time.

At this time of year the Kyusyu craft beer festival is held next to Fukuoka tower.

We always go there and enjoy it.

Japanese craft beer is getting better these days.