Mojiko retro

There is a sight seeing spot called Mojiko retro.

The place is maintained like the retro atmosphere of the early 20th Century Taisho era.  

There are buildings of the age which flourished by foreign trade.

Yaki curry (baked curry) is famous there.

And also Fugu (puffer fish) is famously associated with this place. 


Banana no tatakiuri

Mojiko, north of Fukuoka in Kyusyu, is the birthplace of ‘banana no tatakiuri’ (a seller who sells bananas at a greatly reduced price with a showy performance).

In the end of Meiji era, Mojiko was the port at the beginning of the train line. 

So lot of bananas came from Taiwan and went to Kobe through Mojiko.

The bananas that got too ripe before going to Kobe had to be sold quickly in Mojiko.

So banana no tatakiuri began there. 


This bridge is Kanmonkyo.

It is the connection between Yamaguchi prefecture of the main Honshu island and Fukuoka prefecture of Kyushu island.

The picture scroll in my photo depicts the famous Battle of Dan no ura.

It was fight between the Taira and the Genji, happened end of the Heian era in Dan no ura which is in Shimonoseki Yamaguchi prefecture now.


This is Yufumabushi at the restaurant Shin near Yufuin station. 

The chicken or beef over rice is brought in the hot earthenware pot.

While waiting that you can enjoy included appetizers.

After the hot pot came, first you stir inside and eat, second you eat it with many kinds of pickles and condiments.

Then, last you pour dashi soup over the rice and eat everything.

It was very delicious.