I used up almost all the best pictures I took in Japan. 

So I will post stuff from other countries I visited.

And I will post about Japanese things if I go somewhere new or find something interesting.

I have only a few things about Tokyo which is most famous place in Japan, I think.

So I feel I have to visit Tokyo sometime. lol

When I started this English blog, I decided to use only one photo for each day. 

But after a while I started to use two or more photos.

So I will add more photos to some of the old posts.

I categorized them according to prefectures and countries.

If you are interested about some particular prefecture, please use the index to locate it. 

And one more thing, my posts about other countries may use fewer words, and sometimes maybe only photographs.

Anyway thanks a lot!

This photo is Shirakawa Tatsumi bridge in Gion Kyoto.


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