Fishermans Wharf (USA)

Another pier, touristy Fishermans wharf.

I love to eat clam chowder there. 

Ferry building (USA)

This is Ferry building in SF.

There are many cute shops inside.

A nice Farmers market is held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, which I went to a few times.

And these are birds who also like the Farmers market.



Yesterday I went a salsa music festival (ISLA de SALSA 20th anniversary) on Nokonoshima island in Fukuoka.

Music, dancing, eating…

It was fun.

Though I posted about Nokonoshima before, there is island park there which has many flowers all year.

This time I found out that there are also water taxis that go to the island.

San Fransisco (USA)

These are pictures of San Fransisco.

I have lived in Santa Cruz, Burlingame, Marin county California, and Seattle, Michigan.

Those experiences were a long time ago, and are good old memories.

But in those days there were no digital cameras, so I don’t have old photos handy. 

And I once stayed in San Francisco for about a month.

San Fransisco is a nice city and one of my favorite places in the USA.