Byodoin temple

Recently I went to Byodoin temple, which I posted about before.

This is the temple featured on the Japanese 10yen coin.

Amida Buddha is inside this phoenix hall.

A hole in front of his face shows it to everyone, even those who can’t go inside.

Beer Komachi

We found a nice craft beer shop in Kyoto.

The name is Beer Komachi.

It is located in a small shopping street near Higashiyama Sanjyo.

We could drink the craft beer from the Kyoto brewery along other ones from outside Kyoto.

It looks like it is already popular with foreigners.

The food was good there too.

Taxi truck (Thailand)

My son lives near On-nut street in Bangkok. 

Taxi trucks like in this photo run down the street.

They are very convenient for going to the BTS station or the markets.

Because there are so many, you don’t need to wait a long time.

And the cost is just 8 Baht. (23 Cents)

I like to ride them like Thai people do.

The post about Thailand for this time is last.