New York (USA)

About 3 years ago I visited NY.

I stayed at a dormitory in Harlem.

These are pictures from the subway.

To get around on the subway,I had to ask several people for directions, and everyone was very friendly and helpful.


Antelope Canyon (USA)

Antelope Canyon is about 2 hours north of the Grand Cyanion by car.

You can’t visit there by yourself.

There are tours given by navaho guides from the town called Page.

It was a fantastic canyon made by wind, water and sands effects over many many years.

Many photographers go there.

Our guide showed us many formations shaped like hearts, famous faces, animals, and more.

Unfortunately I compressed my pictures from there, so they are low res.

It is a nice place to visit.

Grand Canyon (USA)

The Grand Canyon.

I think everybody knows.

It is huge.

I have been there twice.

The first time was about 30 years ago, I lost my camera there.

So I was shocked and sad.

But later they found it at the back of the bus and sent it to me.

I was surprised and happy.

But it was stolen some years later in the San Francisco airport.

So my second time there was better. lol

Anyway the Grand Canyon is great.