Kho Samui (Thailand)

Now I am on Samui island in Thailand.

My son and his girlfriend bought their airplane tickets to Samui from Bangkok before me.

I waited one day, but the same airplane with them was already full, so I had to take a later one.

Anyway air plane tickets are sometimes interesting.

For this Thailand trip, I was checking tickets between Fukuoka and Bangkok.

Fitst I was planning to leave on Wednesday, but I found out if I leave on Thursday I could buy the ticket about 60000yen ($600) cheaper.

It is only one day different, but the price was so much different.

So of course I decided on the cheaper one.

Another time,  going to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, I checked one way ticket after round trip ones somehow.

They had special offer for one way tickets.

It was cheeper than the round trip ticket.

So I bought a one way ticket for both ways…

I think the system is a bit strange…


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