Trains (Helsinki)

There are Metros, Trams, Buses, and trains in Helsinki.

I bought a one day pass for €9.

I asked many people for directions on the road.

Everybody was very nice.

I took the Finnair bus going to the city from the airport.

And on the way back I tried taking the train.

When I went to the train, the door was closed.

I didn’t know I had to push the button to open by myself.

I had a good time in Helsinki.

I would like to visit Finland again.

Next time I want to visit the forest and maybe a sauna.

Ravintla Kamome (Finland)

It is popular among Japanese tourists  to go a restaurant called Ravintla Kamone. 

Kamome means sea gulls.

That restaurant was actually used as a location for the Japanese movie called “Kamome Shokudo (restaurant)” .

And cinnamon rolls are sold in the neighboring shop, Atelier Kamome.
I love cinnamon rolls.

Hakaniemi market (Finland)

I went Hakaniemi market hall.

You can buy food on the first floor, like meat, fish, vegetables and other things.

I bought cherries, apricots and two slices of salmon for dinner.

On the second floor they sell miscellaneous goods.

I bought a couple of interesting post cards.

It was fun to look around.

I like the market very much!

Helsinki Cathedral (Finland) 

Now I came back to Japan.

On the way home I stayed in Helsinki for two nights.

I will post things about  Helsinki before Ireland.

This is Helsinki Cathedral which is located about 4 blocks away from Central station.

It was a fine day, so the white Cathedr al was very beautiful against the blue sky.

There are two more famous churches  in Helsinki though I didn’t have time to visit them. 

They were Uspenski Cathedral and Temppeliaukion church which is made out of rock.