Chichen Itza (Mexico)

Back to Mexico.

Chichen Itza, which is famous ruins of Mayan civilization, is located one and half hours by car from Merida.

It flourished from AD4 to AD13.

This is the Kukulcan Pyramid of El Castillo.

It is 24 meters high.

Kukulcan’s head is at the bottom of the stairs.

It represents a large snake which has wings. They say at the time of the solstice the sunlight through the cracks casts a shadow image of Kukulkan.

Chichen Itza has an old part and a new part.

Cenote (Mexico)

We went to cenotes at Cuzama which is about 1hour by car from Merida.

They said the Yucatan Peninsula is made by limestone, so rivers and mountains are rare.

Cenotes are natural springs which are made by rain water on caves in halls of limestone plateaus.

There are many cenotes all around  the area, conected by water veins.

Cenote water is clean because it is filtered by limestone.

The place we went had 3 cenotes.

Horse-drawn carriages took us there.

Nobody was there and the cenote was so beautiful.

That was one of the biggest events  for me.