Water lilies (Thailand)

You can see many water lilies in Thailand.

They are very beautiful.

I visited Thailand many times because my son used to live there.

This is my last post about Thailand.

I miss it.


Muangboran (Thailand)

Which I really liked is
Muangboran the Ancient City.

Though I posted about there before.

The fee is a little bit expensive.

But the area is very wide, and you can see miniature versions of famous thai landmarks from all over the country.

You can have a calm time there while escaping from busy Bangkok.

Here is their home page.


Erawan museum (Thailand)

Erawan museum’s landmark is the elehphant statue with 3 heads.

It is located in the Samut Prakan area.

It takes about 1hour from Bangkok.

Muangboran, the Ancient City tourist destination, is nearby.

When I went to there, I took free shuttle bus going to Muangboran the Ancient City from BTS Bearing station.

On the way they stop at Erawan museum.