Vietnam Visit (Vietnam)

I usually don’t go on tours, but in Vietnam I did.

It seemed easier that way. 

The guides l met all spoke good Japanese. 

I was in Vietnam around September 2 which is Independence Day.

So my pictures have many Vietnamese flags.

It shows a yellow star on a red background.

Red represents blood.

One guide explained that the 5 points of the yellow star express the unity of the hand.

Another guide told me that the 5 points represent  warriors, farmers, artisans, tradesmen and soldiers.

I thought that Ho Chi Minh was like Tokyo and Hanoi reminds me of Osaka.

I liked Hanoi better. 

This is my last post about Vietnam. 

I had a good time there.

Village near airport

I stayed at a hotel in a village near Noi Bai International Airport one night before leaving Hanoi.

I saw cows.

I met people who were playing vollyball.

They asked me to play with them.

If I wasn’t wearing sandals, I may have  played with them, because I use to play volleyball. 

And the food I ate there was good.

It was serene feslimng town.