Hakata Yokamon Hiroba

The other day I went to Hakata Yokamon Hiroba.

It is located on 11th floor of the  Fukuoka prefectural government  bulding.

They introduce traditional crafts in Fukuoka.

That time Omuta city was featured.

That city is the birth place of Karuta which means card games.

A cafe is there and the place has a good view.

I think it is still pretty unknown. 

Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival 

Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival time came again this year.

Though I also posted about this last year.

It will be held from July 1st to 15th in  Fukuoka.

This year is the first time since it was  registered as a Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage.

It has continued for 776 years.

14 decorated Yamakasa are located at different places in Fukuoka city.

This one is in front of Hakata station.

Every Yamagasa has a front and back side.

And on July 15th the mobile Yamakasa move around Hakata.

Antique house restaurant

Today I felt like eating a healthy lunch.

So I went to “Kozainomori” restaurant.

It is located in Itoshima in Fukuoka, about 10 minutes from Chikuzenmaebaru JR station.

The building was made in 1901 by a wealthy merchant of the Nishihara family.

They use fresh vegetables in Itoshima.

By the way, also I tried to go to see cherry blossoms, but they were not yet blooming.

This year (2017) cherry blossoms are late to bloom.