Yesterday I went to the Yakitori festa in Kurume, Fukuoka. 

Kurume has 8 Yakitori restaurants for every 10000 residents, it is #1 in Japan.

Yakitori started from food carts. 

When I think of yakitori, it means chicken to me. 

But in Kurume, yakitori is made with pork, beef, seafood, and vegetables etc including chicken.

There are many variations.

 They put those into bamboo sticks and grill them over coals.

Yakitori is yummy.

This festa held every year.

But you can eat Yakitori all over Japan.

Kaiten sushi


After I came back to Fukuoka, I went to the Kaiten sushi (conveyorbelt sushi) restaurant.

 Sushi here is fresh and very good.

There are sushi types here that I never heard of before when I used to live in Kyoto.

 For example: Yazu, Hirasu, Isaki…

For Kansai people, even Aji (Horse Mackerel) and Sanma (Pacific Saury) are unusual sushi toppings.  

Maguro (Tuna), Hamachi (Yellowtail), and Tai (Snapper)… are around everywhere.

This shop is “Fujimaru.”

I also know Kaiten Sushi restaurant which is a little expensive but very good in Fukuoka city.

I will introduce it sometime.

By the way, the topping of the dish in front is the skin of a Blowfish.

50th day


Today is the 50th day since I started this blog.

I am glad that people from other countries see this. 

Thank you very much to people who pushed the like button.  

And I am happy to see many different countries people’s blogs. 

Though I don’t know how much longer I can continue this blog, I aim for 100 days, for now.

By the way, this photo is the seaside in front of my apartment here in Fukuoka. 

I took this during a walk yesterday evening.

Pro baseball


Pro baseball is popular in Japan.

There are 2 divisions: central league and pacific league, and both have 6 teams each.

The Softbank Hawks is Fukuoka’s team.

They clinched as the 2015 winner of  the pacific league.

So there are celebration sales at many places in Fukuoka.

There is a big dome here, named Yafuoku Dome, where the Hawks games are held. 

During 7th inning stretch people supporting the home team fly balloons like in this photo.

After moving here, I have gone to two baseball games. 

It is fun to do. 



I found a cafe restaurant where I can eat Roti not far from my house in Fukuoka.

So yesterday I went there. 

These are Murtabak, which is like stuffed pizza, and Roti Canai, which you dip in curry and eat. 

After that I ate Roti crepes with coconut milk for dessert.

When I went Thiland where my son lives now, he introduced me to the sweet roti which is sold on the street– I liked it a lot.

I heard the owner of this cafe learned how to make it in Malaysia.

It seems that the most popular greeting in Malaysia is “Sudah Amkan?”

It means ” Did you eat?”.

The cafe’s name is “Roti”.

It was yammy.