I met many pretty flowers while taking a walk at Hirugano.

Skunk Cabbages 

These are skunk cabbages which  grow in the wetlands of the Hirugano area  in Gifu prefecture.

These are designated as natural monument protected species.

They are so cute.

Hirugano plateau

Today it is the middle of the golden holiday week in japan. 

I came to Hirugano plateau in Gifu prefecture.

I was suprised it still had snow on the  far off mountains. 

And the Sakura blossoms were still in bloom at this high altitude.

I felt I was lucky to see them again.

And the daffodil flowers were beautiful.

This place is famous for skiing in the winter.



Shirakawago is located in Gifu prefecture.

Gasshozukuri, like in this photo, are concentrated in this area. 

It is a world heritage site.

I think for foreigners it is a popular village.

Also, for Japanese, it is landscape of the heart.

Some of them have become museums, lodging and restaurants.

Shirakawago is surrounded by nature, and there are hot springs nearby. 

It is a nice place.