Ekiben 2

The other day I went to Hiroshima.

I ate this ekiben in the train coming back.

It is Anago (conger eel) sushi.

By the way, inside the little fish shaped container is soy sauce.

In Japan a lot of times this fish shape is used as a soy sauce container.

Some guy whose name is Yoshihisa Sawada gathered many different fish shaped containers from all over Japan and made a book.

I didn’t know there were so many different shapes of these!


A bronze statue


This bronze statue is located near Jr. Onomichi station in Hiroshima prefecture.

It shows Fumiko Hayashi crouching down while wearing kimono on the seashore.

 She (1903~1951) was a writer who lived in Onomichi from age 13 to 19. 

The statue was made in July 1984.

I thought it fit with the town very well. 

It fascinated me.

Japanese Castles


There are many ruins of castles in Japan.

This is Kumamoto castle.

It was built in around 1607, and rebuilt in 1960.

You can see Kumamoto city from the keep.

It is a nice castle to visit.

This is Hiroshima castle.


This is Ogura castle in North Kyusyu.


And this is Himeji castle in Hyogo prefecture.

This photo is from the time I visited when Himeji castle was under restoration.

After about 5 years of restoration, the keep was opened from March of 2015.  

I think it is also a nice castle.

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki 


This is Hiroshima style okonomiyaki.

It is different from Kansai style okonomiyaki.

The Kansai one is cabbage and flour mixed together before being cooked on a hot steel plate.

But with the Hiroshima one, the flour is cooked like a crepe before adding other ingredients.

Then vegetables like cabbage and bean sprouts are put on it.

And noodles which are cooked separately are included.

Sliced pork, seafood and eggs are included, too.

Then it is ready to eat after putting dried green laver, bonito shavings and okonomiyaki sauce on top.