This bridge is Akashikaikyoohashi.

It is 3911 meters long, which makes it the longest suspension bridge on Earth. 

It connects between Awajishima island and Kobe in Hyogo prefecture.

There you can walk the Maiko Kaijyo promenade. 

It is 47 meters above sea level, and 150 meters long from land.

The floor is made of glass so you can see a beautiful view of the ocean below. 

Ganryuji temple

Ganryuji temple is located Tanba in Hyogo prefecture.

These are the main images of 88 temples, which are related to Kouboudaishi (Kuukai) in the Shikoku area.

Kouboudaishi is a famous monk of the early Heian era.

This temple’s founder is also him. 

Some Japanese people visit the real 88 temples as pilgrims.

It is called Hachijyuhakkasyo meguri.

Nowadays people walk and visit them to reconsider their own selves.

I thought having stone buddhas of those main images gathered in one place is interesting.  

Japanese Castles


There are many ruins of castles in Japan.

This is Kumamoto castle.

It was built in around 1607, and rebuilt in 1960.

You can see Kumamoto city from the keep.

It is a nice castle to visit.

This is Hiroshima castle.


This is Ogura castle in North Kyusyu.


And this is Himeji castle in Hyogo prefecture.

This photo is from the time I visited when Himeji castle was under restoration.

After about 5 years of restoration, the keep was opened from March of 2015.  

I think it is also a nice castle.

Kinosaki Marine World


I went to Kinosaki after Kumihama.
Kinosaki is famous for hot springs.

It is in Hyogo prefecture near the Sea of Japan.

There is an aquarium which is called Kinosaki Marine World. 

This one has sea animals like walruses, sea lions, and spotted seals. 

There, visitors can fish for Japanese horse mackerel.

And they make tempura of the ones you caught for you to eat. 

I saw the live dolphin show. 

The staff told us about dolphins, like how they do training, etc. 

Their body temperature is around 36 degrees, just like humans. 



The Takarazuka Revue is one of the most popular entertainments in Japan.

The members are only unmarried females who graduated from their own Takarazuka musical school.

They are called “Takarazienne”.

There are 400 members, divided in 5 groups: Hana (flower), Tsuki (moon), Yuki (snow), Hoshi (star), and Sora (sky).

There are girls parts and male parts, and each group has a top star.

The show was started in 1914.

Every year about 1300 shows are held at Takarazuka theater in Hyogo and at their satellite theater in Tokyo.