Actually it just snowed a lot in Kagoshima.

It is rare to have snow around there.

 So many people were excited.

I saw many snowmen around town. 

Amamioshima island in Kagoshima had snow for the first time in 115 years.

The highway was closed.

My husband had to work next day so he went back to Fukuoka by bullet train.

I had to stay two more days and had to drive by myself.

Fukuoka is at the top and Kagoshima is on the bottom of Kyusyu– it usually takes about 4 hours by car on the highway.  



Last year I went to Ibusuki in Kagoshima prefecture.

This is rape blossoms.

The lake is Ikedako which is the biggest lake in Kyusyu.

The mountain is Kaimondake which is called Satsuma Fuji.

Ibusuki is famous for Sunamushi onsen.

It is a hot sand bath onsen.

You lay down on the sand with a cloth like yukata and they cover you with hot sand.

It feels hot and good.




Shochu is a type of Japanese alcohol.

It is like vodka. 

It is made from potato, rice, wheat, soba, brown sugar, or chestnut.

The potato one is most popular. 

These are Kagoshima’s shochu. 

Kagoshima is number one in production and consumption in Japan.

There are more than 100 shochu makers in Kagoshima. 

They say Satuma’s shochu is like Bordeaux’s wine or Scotch’s whiskey.

And they say shochu helps thin the blood so it is good for you. 

Io World


There is an aquarium in Kagoshima.

It is called Io World.

Io means fish in Kagoshima direct.

A Whale Shark is there.

At outside of the aquarium, there is a Dolphin canal and you can watch where dolphins are swimming and a mini show is free.

It was nice.

But it is closed now for maintenance work on the Dolphin canal. 

I think it will open again soon. 

Farmers table Morinokazoku


I found a nice restaurant in Kagoshima city.
The name is Morinokazoku (Family in the wood).

They serve organic vegetables which are made at their own farm. 

And Miso of soup is made by the owners mother.

The meal had a lot of vegetables and it was so good.

Next to the restaurant is a cute used book store.

Upstairs had a baked goods shop. 

It was an interesting building.