Happy Birthday 

I don’t know I should write this in this blog.

I had son on this day 30 years ago. 

After he was born, he had jaundice.

So he had to stay in incubator to get light treatment.

I was worried, but after it ended, a nurse brought him to my room.

I remember he was so cute.

Since then 30 years have passed, it was quick though it seemed long.

There are many things. 

Maybe after time passed, people think like this, I think I should’ve spent every day with my children made treating them better. 

So when I see parents who have children, I often think ‘enjoy a lot together every day and make the time together worthwhile.’

Happy Birthday to my son.

And I am always wishing you have many more happy times!

Tea picking

I was born and grew up in Uji, Kyoto prefecture, which is famous for tea.

When I was a child, tea trees were all over my house.

Now is the season for tea picking.

‘First tea’ is from end of April to the end of May.

‘Second tea’ is around June and July.

I drew this picture, which is the scene of tea picking.

Uji cha (tea called Ocha) is very good.



This black bear is Kumamon.

In Japan there are many cute characters to represent local areas. 

Kumamon is from Kumamoto.

Everybody knows this character because he has no copyright, so it is used for many products. 

I painted Kumamon in front of Mt. Aso. 

The area around Mt.Aso was hit hard.

Don’t give up Kumamoto!

Ganbare Kumamon!
 ©2010 kumamoto pref. kumamon