This dish is from the restaurant ” Nikochando”.

It is located near Kintetsu train Nara station.

The shop was converted from a rice granary which was built during the Meiji era in 1885.

Their food is very healthy.

There are also an attic room and a loft room.

I had lunch in the loft room; it was fun.

I could enjoy the place and the food.



I like Quiche.

It is French cuisine.

There is a Quiche speciality shop in Nara near Kasuga Taisha shrine. 

The restaurant’s name is Le Case.

You can eat lunch there or do take out. 

When I went there, it was full of people with reservations. 

So I bought take out. 

They have many types of Quiche.

I think theirs is pretty good, and not too eggy. 

I want go there and eat it again.  



There are many deer in Nara city.

They are wild animals and are designated as a National Treasure.

Vendors sell deer crackers for them to eat. 

You can buy them and give to the deer. 

I think their main food is grass. 

Every October is an event in which the deer’s horns are cut. 

It has been held for the past 300 years to prevent injuries between the sacred deer and people. 

Deers are cute and it is delightful to see them.



This is “Nara no Daibutsu”.

It is a large statue of Buddha.

It is located in Todaiji temple in Nara.

It’s width is 57.5 meters, and the height is 49.1 meters.

It is huge and impressive.

In the back area, there is a post which has a hole.

That hole’s size is the same size as the Buddha’s nostril. 

You can try to pass through it. 

Soni plateau


According to the calendar, today is the first day of autumn in Japan.

This photo is Soni plateau which is located in the north east of Nara prefecture.

In spring they scorch the mountainsides to prepare for the next growing season. 

In summer the landscape becomes green.

In autumn it is famous for Japanese pampas grass, whose ears bathe in the sun and shine in gold and silver.

They say it is beautiful.

When I went there, it wasn’t sunny, but I enjoyed it anyway. 

I want to go there again and see the beautiful scenery.