Peach boy 

Going to Kurokawaonsen, I stopped at Kusu.

They say the place is the fairy tale village because a guy who was called the  Andersen of Japan was from Kusu.

There were big statues from the Momotaro (Peach boy) tale.

He was born from a peach, and he went to the island where demons lived to exterminate them with the help of a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant.

And I found a bread shaped like a  red demon in the bakery there.

It was yummy with an apple filling.


This is Yufumabushi at the restaurant Shin near Yufuin station. 

The chicken or beef over rice is brought in the hot earthenware pot.

While waiting that you can enjoy included appetizers.

After the hot pot came, first you stir inside and eat, second you eat it with many kinds of pickles and condiments.

Then, last you pour dashi soup over the rice and eat everything.

It was very delicious.

Hot spring

I stayed at a Hotel where each room has its own outside hot spring bath in Yufuin.

There are a lot of hotels like this in Oita prefecture.

After I took a bath, my skin got smooth.

I relaxed and enjoyed it there.

I used Kyushu revival discount at the hotel, so I could stay there cheaply.

Thank you very much.


The other day I went Yufuin, which is located Oita Kyusyu.

It is famous for hot springs. 

The photo is a pond called Kinrinko.

There are many souvenir shops, cafes etc. on the street from Yufuin station to Kinrinko.

Floral Village, made to look like Cotswolds in England, is also there.

It is a little cute village. 

They sold wine with classic animation art labels. 

I didn’t buy it, maybe it is only good for display.

Water wheel


Nameshi dam is located in the middle of Kunisaki peninsula, in Oita.

There is an area nearby called Green land. 

This is a photo of a water wheel there.

This place is also called Kotton- kura because of the sound of the water falling down.

You can rest there and walk on the promenade.

I heard it has Sakura in spring and autumn colors in fall.

People can enjoy nature.

Oita had an earthquake yesterday, and Kumamoto had two serious earthquakes and after shocks are continuing.

I hope things calm down.

Showa Town


In Bungotakada, Oita, there is a little town which has recreated the streets of the Showa 30s (1955-1965).

You can find various things from those days on display in the show windows of shops.

And the Showa roman kura museum features an old town square and a nostalgic classroom decorated with Showa things. 

Visitors can feel the retro atmosphere of the Showa era.

Though I found memorable things there, I think people more my parents age will really recall the good old days.