Island in Okinawa

Taketomi island in Okinawa was my favorite island.

It has old pure Okinawan atmosphere.  

The roof tiles are red, with Seesaa on top. 

It feels like time passes slowly here. 

And bougainvilleas, which bloom in tropical places, are all over.

At Iriomotejima island we took a river boat through the mangrove forest. 

At Kohamarina, which is a small island, we rented mini bikes.

It was fun.

This is my last post about Okinawa now.

Ishigakijima island

Several years ago I went Ishigaki island and other islands in Okinawa.
My father took me and my daughter there.

It is a nice memory.

The place in this photo is a front of Hirakubozaki light house, which is the northern most point on Ishigaki island.

We drove all over the place like sugar cane fields, caves, etc.

The ocean was beautiful.

Happiness tree

There is an area called Bise near Ocean Expo Park.

That place is surrounded by a lot of Fukugi.
I checked Fukugi in English.

It means ‘happiness tree.’

The Oldest Fukugi in Bise is about 300 years old.

It is a really nice tree, and it feels good to be surrounded by them.

Sea grapes

This seafood donburi has sea grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera). 

Their texture is like bubble wrap. 

I love them.

And soups like A-sa soup, which has sea lettuce, and Abasa soup which has burrfishes, are also good.

I ate at Makishi Kousetsu Ichiba in Naha city.

It is a interesting place to look around the shopping area.