Kaki goya

You can eat fresh oysters at Nakanoshima fishing harbor in Osaka.



Osaka prefecture is next to Kyoto.

But I don’t have many posts about it. 

The other day I went to Grand Front Osaka in Umeda.

There are many shops and cafes there. 

Osaka is a big city next only to Tokyo.

Umeda is one of the biggest downtown areas in Osaka.

Tix Pics

You can see these pictures at the Kansai Airport station of the Nankai train.

There are four pictures.

All are from famous pictures of ”The Gleaners”, “The Mona Lisa”, “The Birth of Venus” and “Moulin de la galette”.

Those are made up of 320000 used train tickets which were collected at Namba station, and posted by manual labor.

That was the best part of this exhibit.  



There is a sport which is called Sumo in Japan.

Two sumo wrestlers fight in a ring about five meters in diameter.

They fight one match per day for 15 days.

There are 6 tournaments each year.

Sumo wrestlers are separated into ranks: the top rank is Yokozuna.

Nowadays there are many foreign sumo wrestlers, including many from Mongolia.

My daughter won 4 free sumo tickets at a shopping mall, so the other day she went to see the sumo tournament.



This is Billiken-san.

It is the God of things as they ought to be.

It is the God-like symbol of Osaka. 

Billiken came to Osaka from America in 1912.

It is located at Tutenkaku tower, which is 100 meters high, in the Shinsekai area in Naniwa Osaka.

When you touch the sole of his foot which sticks out, it will bring you happiness. 

The Shinsekai area is also famous for Kushikatsu.

It is vegetables or meat fried on skewers. 

Kushikatsu is so good.



This is Taiyounotou (The tower of the sun).

It was made at Expo in 1970 by Taro Okamoto.

It is located at Expo park in Osaka.

I remember going there as an elementary school student.

It was exciting.

Now, the biggest Japanese multi attraction area has just opend in November 2015. 

It is called EXPOCITY.


It looks fun.