This photo is autumn colors on Mt. Hiei.

It is called Hieizan.

Hieizan is located between Kyoto and Shiga prefectures.

It is the religious mountain and the biggest sacred place of Buddism.

There is a large temple called Enryakuji Temple which has 3 parts.

You can go there using cable cars that start from both sides of the mountain. 

There is also a scenic skyline road on top of the mountain. 

Shigaraki pottery


Talking about Shiga, Shigaraki pottery is famous.

It is one of the main 6 Japanese old types of pottery which has been produced from middle ages till now.

Shigaraki is located in Kouga city.

The soil there is suited for pottery.

The Raccoon dog is one famous kind of Shigaraki pottery. 

The typical one wears a braided hat, has a sake bottle in the left hand, and has a bankbook in the right hand, with his head tilted to one side.

People put them in storefronts for thriving business and good luck.

This raccoon dog is the biggest in the world.

 Yawata mountain


When I was watching people’s blog pictures, I decided to post this photo.

This is a view from Yawata mountain in Shiga prefecture.

I wasn’t expecting to see a view like this at the top of the ropeway, so I was happy.

Shiga has the biggest lake in Japan, called Biwako.

At the foot of the ropeway is Himure village.

In that village are Taneya and Club Harie: a Japanese sweets shop and a western style sweets shop.

Club Harie’s baumkuchen is famous and very delicious.

There is also a nice cafe in a red brick building where you can eat those cakes.