Tokyo Skytree


This is Tokyo Skytree.

My friend Pitch took this photo for me.

It is the world’s tallest broadcasting tower, opened in 2012.

It is 634 meters tall.

The observation deck is at 350 meters high and has a shop, a cafe and a restaurant.

And the observation corridor is at 450 meters above ground. 

They say you can see Mt. Fuji when it is a clear day.

Around the tower there are a shopping center, an aquarium and a planetarium.

I am sure that it is sometimes illuminated.

When I go to Tokyo next time, I would like to visit it.

Uni at Tsukiji


This is a bowl of Uni (sea urchin), Maguro (tuna) and Kani (crab) in Tsukiji, Tokyo.

This is one my friend ate.

I don’t like uni so much, because I am not used to eating it, so I ate a different one.

Tukiji has a big wholesale market of seafoods, vegetables and fruits.

There are outside markets and inside markets.

But it is looks like next year (2016) the inside market is going to move to Toyosu.

The outside markets, which are fish shops, fried egg shops and sushi restaurants etc., will open under the name of “Tsukiji new markets”.

The dog Hachiko


I have been to Tokyo several times.

But I usually went to see friends and did no particular sightseeing.

So things in Tokyo will not appear much in this blog.

This is the statue of “HachiKo”.

It is placed in front of Shibuya station.

Hachiko is a dog who waited for his owner to come home for 9 years, even though he had already passed away. 

What a loyal dog!

People even today use this as appointed place to meet. 

Actually I met a friend here before.

Next time I go, I want to look around Tokyo more.