Mouri Garden

Autumn leaves are very beautiful in Japan.

Mouri Garden in Yamaguchi is one of famous places to see them.

Mouri, who was a clan leader of old Hagi Domain, made the garden in 1916.

The garden was designated  as scenic beauties by the government.

And the house is used as a museum now.

Akiyoshidai Plateau 

Akiyoshidai Plateau is near Akiyoshido cave in Yamaguchi.

It is Japan’s largest karst plateau, which is designated the nation’s natural monument.

The limestone that forms its majestic landscape was created about 350 million years ago from coral reefs in the southern sea, which over many years formed the karst plateau that we see today.

It is green in the spring.

But now in autumn it is brown with many Japanese pampas grasses.

The area and its nature are mysterious.

Akiyoshido cave 2

This golden pillar is 15m in height and 4m wide.

It was interesting how they named varoius formations in the cave; king of cave, Fuji mountain, etc.

The goddess of Mercy and kannon buddha were also there.

If you push the button on the guide posts, you can hear descriptions at each point also in Korean, Chinese and English.

It was fun to visit Akiyoshido cave.