Sightseeing boat

The ocean scenery of Yobuko is beautiful.

Yobuko is used to be a whaling town.

There are two sightseeing boats.

One is the Zeela which shaped like a whale and  you can see fishes from windows in the bottom of the boat.

And the other one is the Ikamaru, which goes around showing eroded caves.

I wanted to ride the Ikamaru.

But when I went there, it was cancelled because of rough waters.

I was a little disappointed.

Nijyo castle 

A couple months ago, I took my husband’s friends family from America to Nijyo castle in Kyoto.

They understood my easy English, but I couldn’t explain enough about that place.

I wish to improve for next time when I take foreigners around in Japan.

This picture is the garden of Nijyo castle.

The most famous thing is the floor which makes a bird like sound when somebody walks on it. 

Then guards can notice and catch any intruders.