Lady Liberty (USA)

Back to American stuff.

I went to New York about 3 years ago.

Off course I went to see the Statue of Liberty.

It was made in 1886.

It’s height is 93 meters.

I could visit Liberty island and go inside a statue.

But the next month after I visited, it was closed to visitors, so I was lucky.

I don’t know if it is open now.

Grand Canyon (USA)

The Grand Canyon.

I think everybody knows.

It is huge.

I have been there twice.

The first time was about 30 years ago, I lost my camera there.

So I was shocked and sad.

But later they found it at the back of the bus and sent it to me.

I was surprised and happy.

But it was stolen some years later in the San Francisco airport.

So my second time there was better. lol

Anyway the Grand Canyon is great.