Country side (Malaysia)

I took these pictures in Langkawi.

I like these country side scenes.

I don’t have a picture to show now, but one time I visited Perhentian Islands in Malaysia.

That is a very beautiful place.

You can see tropical fish and coral.

When I was there I saw a sea turtle and flying fish.

This is my last post about Malaysia.

Pulau Langkawi (Malaysia)

We visited Langkawi island one time.

It is about 1 hour by airplane from
Kuala Lumpur.

Nice beaches are there, so we just relaxed there though.

But it looks like the whole island is a  geo park, so I think there are many things to do.

Also there is cable car which you can go up to the mountains on.

That time when we were there the wind was strong, so we couldn’t check it out.

But there is a sky bridge there too.