Muangboran (Thailand)

Which I really liked is
Muangboran the Ancient City.

Though I posted about there before.

The fee is a little bit expensive.

But the area is very wide, and you can see miniature versions of famous thai landmarks from all over the country.

You can have a calm time there while escaping from busy Bangkok.

Here is their home page.

 Hakata Yokamon Hiroba

The other day I went to Hakata Yokamon Hiroba.

It is located on 11th floor of the  Fukuoka prefectural government  bulding.

They introduce traditional crafts in Fukuoka.

That time Omuta city was featured.

That city is the birth place of Karuta which means card games.

A cafe is there and the place has a good view.

I think it is still pretty unknown.