This bridge is Akashikaikyoohashi.

It is 3911 meters long, which makes it the longest suspension bridge on Earth. 

It connects between Awajishima island and Kobe in Hyogo prefecture.

There you can walk the Maiko Kaijyo promenade. 

It is 47 meters above sea level, and 150 meters long from land.

The floor is made of glass so you can see a beautiful view of the ocean below. 


This bridge is Kanmonkyo.

It is the connection between Yamaguchi prefecture of the main Honshu island and Fukuoka prefecture of Kyushu island.

The picture scroll in my photo depicts the famous Battle of Dan no ura.

It was fight between the Taira and the Genji, happened end of the Heian era in Dan no ura which is in Shimonoseki Yamaguchi prefecture now.

Oshima island

Oshima island is located in Sakai city in Fukui.

It is about 2 kilometers in circumference. 

People can go there using a red bridge which is 224 meters long.

There are groves of Japanese cinnamon trees. 

Oominato shrine, which is a guardian god of the fishing industry and sea voyages, is found there. 

It is called ‘God island’ by the locals. 


This is Meganebashi in Nagasaki.

Megane means glasses and bashi means bridge.

It is located the place a little distance from Hamanomachi, which is in the center of the city.

It was called Meganebashi because the bridge and its reflection together look like a pair of glasses, as in this picture.