I posted about Sumo before.

Every year in Nomember the tournament is held in Fukuoka.

Since I moved here, I have wanted go to see Sumo.

The other day finally I went to see it for the first time.

Though I like Hakuo, who is a Yokozuna from Mongolia who accomplished his 1000th career win the other day, he lost the match I saw this time.

But it was interesting to see Sumo live.



The school year starts in April in Japan.

A doll in this photo is standing by a pedestrian crossing on the route to school that the students walk on.

The red bag which the doll on the student’s back is called ‘randoseru’.

Grammar school students use it in Japan. 

Usually girls have a red one, and boys have a black one.  

But recently also there are other colors.

I heard that foreign people use randoseru as a fashion. 

Randoseru are made carefully of leather and they last a long time, but they are pretty expensive.