Helsinki Cathedral (Finland) 

Now I came back to Japan.

On the way home I stayed in Helsinki for two nights.

I will post things about  Helsinki before Ireland.

This is Helsinki Cathedral which is located about 4 blocks away from Central station.

It was a fine day, so the white Cathedr al was very beautiful against the blue sky.

There are two more famous churches  in Helsinki though I didn’t have time to visit them. 

They were Uspenski Cathedral and Temppeliaukion church which is made out of rock.

Hirado Xavier Church

This is Hirado Xavier Church.

Francisco Xavier came to Hirado in 1550 and promoted Christianity.

There are many churches in Nagasaki.

And also many temples too, both are like in this picture.

I heard that churches usually have the same right and left side, but this one doesn’t because of lack of money.