Ohajiki and Chanpon

2 Famous things at the Hojyoya festival are Chanpon and Ohajiki.

Chanpon are glass whistles. 

Shrine maidens draw pictures on them.

Ohajiki are tiddlywinks.

Every year Hakata doll makers make them following different themes. 

This years theme is about Japanese food.

The one on this photo is about folk tales. 

They make 1200 sets every year, and they sell out soon because they are lucky charms. 

They are beautiful.

Kyoto style needle work


This is a masterpiece of Kyoto style needle work by Koji Okamoto.

When I went to an exhibition at the Kanazu Forest of Creation in Fukui, I was struck by the beauty of this craft. 

Almost everything is made of natural dyed silk thread. 

Each stitch is done by hand.

This craft requires delicate work and the colors and shapes are both so beautiful.

 This one is a magnolia.

He also makes non-traditional pieces that look like paintings. 

I really liked his work.

Satsuma Kiriko


This is cut glass which is called Satsuma Kiriko.

It was started in 1846 by the Shimazu family.

But it’s technology went downhill around 1877 because of war.

And it started again since 1985.

I visited a factory.

I think the craftsman’s art is wonderful.

Satsuma Kiriko has beautiful colors and exquisite cut-work.