Vietnamese coffee (Vietnam)

As you can see in the right side of the picture, to brew Vietnamese coffee they use a metal filter on each cup.

After 5 minutes or so, it is ready.

Usually people add condensed milk.

It is very rich and sweet.

But I like it.

The picture below is an egg coffee at Cafe Pho Co which is a hideaway cafe in Hanoi.


“Calpis” is lactic-acid bacilli drink.

It started long ago and is very famous in Japan.
I think everybody knows it.

When I was a child, I looked forward to drinking it in summer.

In those days it was in a glass bottle, but now it is in a plastic bottle, though the package with blue dots on white is unchanged. 

People mix it with water and drink it over ice.

In the USA, it’s name is “Calpico”,

because Calpis sounds like the piss of a cow in English.

Anyway, it is good to drink in summer.

The sign in the photo reads.. the taste of first love.

Tea picking

I was born and grew up in Uji, Kyoto prefecture, which is famous for tea.

When I was a child, tea trees were all over my house.

Now is the season for tea picking.

‘First tea’ is from end of April to the end of May.

‘Second tea’ is around June and July.

I drew this picture, which is the scene of tea picking.

Uji cha (tea called Ocha) is very good.