soda bread (Ireland)

What I really liked in Ireland was soda bread.

Even the loaves I bought at some supermarket were good.

I want to learn to make them.

And I also liked the clamchowder.


Pizzeria Q

My husbands friend opened a pizza place.

The name is Pizzeria Q.

It is located on Nishioji street just south of Oike street.

Today I went there.

The building is a renovated old machiya.

The pizza was very good.

Upstairs they have a 14 parsons guest house, named Goro.

Antique house restaurant

Today I felt like eating a healthy lunch.

So I went to “Kozainomori” restaurant.

It is located in Itoshima in Fukuoka, about 10 minutes from Chikuzenmaebaru JR station.

The building was made in 1901 by a wealthy merchant of the Nishihara family.

They use fresh vegetables in Itoshima.

By the way, also I tried to go to see cherry blossoms, but they were not yet blooming.

This year (2017) cherry blossoms are late to bloom.