Gold Castella


This is Gold Castella from Mameya Kanazawa Bankyu.

My friend brought this from Kanazawa Ishikawa.

Kanazawa is the city of gold leaf.

99% of the gold leaf production in Japan is there.

I think the Gold Castella is unique.

Also Nagasaki is famous for Castella.

I like Castella made by Fukusaya.

Wat Tri Mit (Tahiland)


One day I was going to some temple, but I made a mistake.

The bus I took was going to Chinatown, so I decided to go to Wat Tri Mit.

This Buddha was called the ugly duckling.

Hidden in an abandoned temple, it was covered in plaster to protect from Burmese invaders. 

When the temple was moved to its current location in 1953, the plaster cover cracked to reveal the shining gold Buddha within. 

It is 60% pure gold and very shiny. 

There are other Buddha images in the same compound.

So confirm what you are looking at.