Ise-jingu shrine


Ise-jingu shrine is located in Ise, Mie prefecture.

It is worshiped by people as the head shrine of Shinto and it has a long history back into Japanese mythology. 

People call it ‘Oisesan’.

Ise Shrine has an inner shrine( Naigu) and an outer shrine( Gegu).

The enshrined deity of the inner shrine is Amaterasuoomikami, the enshrined deity of outer shrine is Toyoukenooomikami. 

They are about 15 minutes apart by car.  

First you should go to the outer one, then the inner one. 

Every 20 years, the inner sanctuary is moved to a different place in the premises as the shrine is rebuilt, it is called Jingu Shikinen Sengu.

When people pay homage at the shrine, they bow twice, clap twice, and bow one more time.