Pulau Langkawi (Malaysia)

We visited Langkawi island one time.

It is about 1 hour by airplane from
Kuala Lumpur.

Nice beaches are there, so we just relaxed there though.

But it looks like the whole island is a  geo park, so I think there are many things to do.

Also there is cable car which you can go up to the mountains on.

That time when we were there the wind was strong, so we couldn’t check it out.

But there is a sky bridge there too. 

Kho Samui (Thailand)

Now I am on Samui island in Thailand.

My son and his girlfriend bought their airplane tickets to Samui from Bangkok before me.

I waited one day, but the same airplane with them was already full, so I had to take a later one.

Anyway air plane tickets are sometimes interesting.

For this Thailand trip, I was checking tickets between Fukuoka and Bangkok.

Fitst I was planning to leave on Wednesday, but I found out if I leave on Thursday I could buy the ticket about 60000yen ($600) cheaper.

It is only one day different, but the price was so much different.

So of course I decided on the cheaper one.

Another time,  going to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, I checked one way ticket after round trip ones somehow.

They had special offer for one way tickets.

It was cheeper than the round trip ticket.

So I bought a one way ticket for both ways…

I think the system is a bit strange…


Yesterday I went a salsa music festival (ISLA de SALSA 20th anniversary) on Nokonoshima island in Fukuoka.

Music, dancing, eating…

It was fun.

Though I posted about Nokonoshima before, there is island park there which has many flowers all year.

This time I found out that there are also water taxis that go to the island.