I found Torii (Shinto gates) at some shrine in Itoshima, Fukuoka.

But I don’t know the name of the shrine. : )

I thought foreign people like Torii.

There is a famous place for Torii in Kyoto. 

Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine has a tunnel of Torii.

It is said to have more than 1000 of them.  

Many tourists go there.

Beach bar restaurant 

Yesterday I went to this place.

It seemed like a foreign country.

Though it is on route 202 in Itoshima, Fukuoka, near Karatsu, Saga.

The Jamaican man and another foreign guy are running the bar/restaurant. 

Right in front of it is a nice ocean beach. 
We ate barbecued chicken and ribs.

Luckily there was live music by a foreigners band. 

The wether was sunny in rainy season, so we had fun.

The restaurant’s names are SKY44 and XAYMACA BAY.



Itoshima has the ocean, mountains, and rural natural views. 

And Itoshima has many fancy cafes.

‘Current’ is one of them. It is also a bakery. 

I like their morning set, which has many kind of breads, soup, egg, and fresh salad which is made from Itoshima vegetables. 

It has a good atmosphere. 

Itoshima is getting popular these days. 

Hanashio Pudding

Kobo Tottan has a cafe. 

They sell “Hana shio Purin (salt pudding)” .

It is very delicious with caramel sauce and the spiciness of salt.

You can eat it at the outside tables while watching beautiful ocean view.

This is the place I visited in Fukuoka most since I moved to Fukuoka 3 years ago.

I always bring my friends here who visit me in Fukuoka.

Mataichi salt

Itoshima is located on the west side in Fukuoka.

There is a saltworks called ” Kobo Tottan” on the west ocean road peninsula. 

The salt made there is called ” Mataichi no Sio (salt)”.

They use traditional manufacturing methods. 

Right outside is the wide beautiful ocean, so their salt is full of minerals.